Insurgency at the outpost.

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Insurgency at the outpost.

Post by Fast on 3rd July 2011, 9:01 am

Three five man teams. Five are civilians, five are insurgents, five are occupying forces. The teams have to be chosen away from the village with the occupying force team picked and sent in first. Then the civilians and insurgent teams can be picked. At the start of the scenario, the village is only occupied by the five man occupying force. The civilians and insurgents get three weapons permits which are randomly handed out by an admin. If a civilian gets a permit than the insurgents can try to persuade him to take one of thier guns into the village for them. The civilians main goal is to get back into the village through the main gate check point and back to thier daily lives. The insurgents goal is to try to kill all occupying forces in the village. They can try to blend in with the civilians and smuggle thier weapons through the checkpoint if they dont have a permit or they can hit the village in a military style raid from the woods (any combination is allowed). Once they are in the village they can stay in civilians houses or try to secure a safehouse from which to coordinate thier attack. Occupying forces are tasked with protecting the village and helping the civilians anyway they can. At the start of the game one team member mans the check point and checks to make sure that all the people returning to the village are not a threat. If the guard at the check point is suspicious of someone coming through the gate, he can ask them if they are carrying a weapon and they must answer truthfully. The guard can only ask two people. If the guard catches an insurgent with a weapon coming through the gate then the insurgent is out of the game. If the civillian has a gun then they must have a permit or else it is illegal and the civilian becomes a member of the occupying force. Also the occupying force team cannot go into any houses once the village has civilians in it until they are attacked. The weapons that come in the village legally cannot be tracked by the occupying force. They can be moved around from house to house but it is unwise to as the occupying force may shoot at the site of a weapon. There is no limit to the amount of guns or grenades that can be smuggled in. If the insurgents can convince the civilians to turn into insurgents then so be it. If a occupying team member shoots a true civilian then the entire team losses and the game is over. No respawns on occupying and insurgent forces. Civilians have unlimited respawn if shot by insurgents. I think this is pretty doable and can even have a time limit if need be. Only takes two admins and the rest should play out on its own. I am concerned about how close and messy this could get but that always happens at the end of A/D at the village anyway.

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