Homemade weapons Tread

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Homemade weapons Tread

Post by Howie on 5th February 2012, 10:14 pm

Okay Guys,

Your Planning on design a Field replicia for Airsoft to use on Wilcox Field or any other Field. We'll Start some guide lines here! Sound off if you got something to Add.

1. What will it be used as Mortar, Cannon, Flame Thrower ?

2. Does it or will it have a Cylinder to hold Air ? PVC or Metal ? As stated Earlier Post Most field wants a Steel type Structure for Air pressure!

3. Adjustable / Regulating pressure for Cylinder? Will the Admin want to see A safety lock place if it can be chrono for knowing that the Pressure will not be crack up after Chrono!

4. Movable or Stationary ? This will be left up to designer.

5. Will it Shoot B.B.'s or Nerf Rockets, or something else? Will it be safe for other players, free of injury?

6. Single Shot or Multi Shot?

6. What if the Admin thinks it's to much can you reduce the air Volume to cylinder ?

6. If it's for multi person use, are directions label on the device ? A Admin would want to see this ! Are directions Simple?

7. What is the Range that it will shoot? 50, 100, 150, 200 feet? Admin will require a certain Med to be maintain?

8. Can it cause damage to a player, if not use correctly ?

9. Can you answer any and all question pertaining to the Replicia that a Admin will ask ? Can you demostrate it for the Admin with Safety as number one.

These are just some of the factors involved when wanting to field a replicia, for any admin any where and any field you may go too. Now if your a Admin, you have no say in the matter if your the one that built it, Accept to answer the questions that the other Admins will ask of you and your replicia.
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