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Down in Lima, Peru, a few world known Chemical Scientist has been taken hostage from their lab at a local college, the group call Peru National Party had taken them to a small village to begin and complete work on a unknown project. There is not much intelligence known to date, but the true nature of the project would be deadly and harmful to Peru and rest of the world.

The Peru National Party is has contracted hits on the known government, hostile takeover of the government that had failed two previous times. There were so intelligence pick up by the local CIA Operative that they had planned a few events in the near future , and has passed on to Langley the importance of taking action to prevent these plans with one detail attack. As the president has deemed too risky, for the stake in his reelection this year.

The CIA Operative continues to gather information in the form of Satellite and Drones. He was able to work himself into the Village as a mercenary for hire. That is where he finds the Scientist location and Materials and plans. But as the CIA operative had gone against Presidents wishes to remain neutral in the private battle of power in Peru. He turns to the Langley for permission to run an illegal Black Op that remains Top secret from the President and Congress.

With the Help of Joint Military Special Operations They deployed two units of Special Forces. To rescue the Scientist, retrieve material and plans, and wipe out the Peru National Party leaders all at once. Once the Teams enters the village the CIA operative will reveal himself to Special forces and past the exact locations of the Leaders, Hostages, and material. The Special Forces will need to make it back to the Extraction Point with CIA, Hostages, Material,


1. One Leader of the Peru National Party (can be Armed)

2. CIA operative (is armed)

3. At least Two Scientist (not Armed)

4. Ten Players as Special Forces

5. Any number of Peru National Party Troops (15 players)

6. One High Cap Magazine, as many Low and Mid Cap Magazines wanted.

Rules For Peru National Party

1. Don’t let the Hostages get rescue, can’t kill the Hostages, they need to be alive.

2. Guard the material and plans, Do not let special forces gather the materials and plans.

3. Must stay within 500 feet of the village until the Hostages are rescue then can pursue them to re capture the Hostages

4. Only three Respawns allowed., Remember this is based on the Honor system.

Rules For the Special Forces

1. Rescue the Hostages Alive and get them to extraction Point.

2. Retrieve the Materials and Plans and get them to extraction point.

3. Ensure you get the CIA operative to the Extraction Point Unless KIA not needed to win game

4. Only three Respawns allowed. Remember this based on the Honor System
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