Commander's Housekeeping

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Commander's Housekeeping

Post by Howie on 30th September 2013, 8:16 pm

Determining U.S. Commander
All team members will get one vote to declare who they think should be team commander. Simply state their name in this thread. You can vote for yourself. You may decline to be commander. If there is a withdrawal or a tie, a second vote/run-off may be declared, but only if there is no clear-cut choice.
Commander’s Responsibility
- Establish the team elements/assign team positions in the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].
- Responsible for managing missions and coordinating actions.
Some issues to remember:
Rules of Engagement. At a minimum, slung rifles are not threats.  US forces cannot just wipe out all inhabitants.  Non Combatants may be present.
Think about your team. Who would be great with running as a Quick response team, and who can complete specific missions. Snipers and Engineers are tasks that need to be assigned as well.
Simply capturing an objective(s) is not enough - you must be able to keep it secure.
Sometimes your faster players are not your best QRF. 
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