Missions & Objectives

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Missions & Objectives

Post by Howie on 30th September 2013, 8:22 pm

The Commander is responsible for assigning and coordinating all movements to achieve the missions. All missions are in play throughout the event (during active game time – meaning you can’t change control or steal objectives during lunch/raffle time).
- Cannon
- Drug Lab
- Explosives Building, defuse any IED/WMD on site.
Capture or Control
- Command/Control Intel from each Village.
- Farms (2). Do not destroy orange clay disks.
- Generator. Secure power station to the Eastern Village; you must flip the knife edge to light the blue light.
- High Value Targets. 7 OPFOR personnel must be arrested/captured.
- Intel. Two or three sites have Intel that must be recovered. GPS coordinates will be provided.
- Mosque. OPFOR is using it as a safe Haven.
- Pilot Bob “the Dummy” Blutarsky. He is held in the jail, and must be moved to the outpost of Dodge City.
- Route OPFOR from both Villages.  Must have control at end of game.
- Dodge City
- Your High Value Targets.
- Rebuild the bridge. Destroy if required to keep out of OPFOR control.
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