Defensive Objectives and Assets

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Defensive Objectives and Assets

Post by Howie on 30th September 2013, 8:28 pm

- Chemical Weapon Building. Lab and assembly Site.
- Drug Lab. Now with in-game money!
- Explosives Building. WMD and IED construction building.  Some items inside have in game uses.
- Mosque. Safe haven and rally point.
- Oil Derrick & Pump House.
- Cannon. Useful for shooting at things.
- Generator.
- I.H.E.D. Improvised Human Explosive Device in the form of a suicide vest. Perfect for taking out groups of bad guys, vehicles and even buildings.
- Intel. Two out of village sites have Intel that must be recovered. GPS coordinates are available. Inside your villages are the communication and command centers which also have Intel that must be defended in place.
- Bridge, partial, one each.
- Farms. Two orange clay disks represent the farms.  At least 3/4 of the disk must remain to hold the objective.
- High Value Targets. The Commander and Lieutenants are quite possibly wanted by the U.S Government.  Four other members on your side are also designated as ‘Really Sought After’.  Likewise, there are a few enemy combatants you’d like to see out of the picture – you can kill or take them prisoner for bonus points.
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