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Rules at B3

Post by Howie on 9th October 2018, 11:28 am

The b3 living ruleset can be found below. Each time it is updated, an admin will comment on this post with the specific changes/additions.

b3 waiver is in the Files section. To save time, download it and show up with it...

Waiver: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Summer note: Unless stated otherwise by a Tier Zero admin, pryo/ignition/combustables are not authorized.


The Tier Zero ruleset for games at b3 is essentially AMS with some modifications. The b3 ruleset is living and will likely be altered and adapted over time in order to keep it appropriate for our community. You will see a mix of common rules utilized by national airsoft events as well as our own. It is your responsibility to read and understand the rules presented here. Videos will be posted in the future that go into more detail.

All players must wear full sealing ANSI Z87.1 rated goggles, glasses or paintball mask. Eye protection must be worn at all times while outside the staging area. NO safety/shooting glasses (like from walmart or the hunting shop) because they are too far off the face. NO MESH GOGGLES. Full seal eypro must form a seal around the lenses that contacts the skin. On the Active AO eye protection may only be removed after all players have mags out, chamber cleared and game control has given the okay to remove goggles.

Guests must get the halo kits for Mframes and use them..

Face protection is required for under 18.

Dead Rags:
Players are required to carry with them at all times a red "dead rag" that can be pulled out and waved with they are hit to let others know they are temporarily out of action. DO NOT walk with people who are heading to respawn or otherwise have their deadrags out because it will be taken as cheating. You may not communicate with other players while your dead rag is out except to call for a medic.

Safety Kill aka "Bang" Rules:
If you catch a player at close range and do not wish to shoot them, you MAY yell out "Safety Kill" to offer them the sweet release of death. Should they accept, they will immediately say "HIT," pull out their dead rag and become a wounded player. Please note that they are not required to accept the safety kill and are allowed to attempt to engage you. If a player ACCEPTS the safety kill and then shoots the person who offered it, that is dishonorable and will be considered cheating.

Blind Firing:
Shooting your weapon and not seeing where your bbs are going while not exposing yourself  is blind fire, a safety concern and will be considering cheating!

Steps taken when hit by a bb (GUN hits don't count!):
1. Yell HIT
2. Pull out your required dead rag
3. Get down or otherwise get out of the line of fire.
4. No communicating at all (calling for medic is ok)
5. Sit tight for 60 seconds. Once the 60 seconds is up, head to the respawn and get back into the game.

Searching players:
For the purposes of some missions, you might need to search players. Simply move to the player and state that you are searching them. At this time, if they have any intelligence or info related to the mission, they will be required to provide it.

If you want to take advantage of the Medic Rules at b3, you must have (up to) 2 ace bandages OR 2 milsim tourniquets ON YOUR PERSON during play. Unless otherwise stated, all players are medics. When you are hit, if a medic gets to your position and revives you before you bleed out (60 seconds), you are back in play. Once you are hit after using all of your bandages (players may only be revived TWICE), you must wait 60 seconds until you bleed out and at that point you can head to a designated respawn area for your team. Remember that ace bandages must be properly secured and not flapping all over the place loosely.

When you bleed out after 60 seconds, it's time to head to your respawn and regroup with your team to get back into the game. Don't forget to have your dead rag out as you go. Once you link up at the respawn, it's time to take the bandages (or tourniquets) off your arm, store them, and put your dead rag out.

Players may not reload magazines/LMG box mags in the field. Go back to a designated FOB or safety area.

Night Games @ b3:
If you participate in a game after dark at b3, you are required to have a red dead light and a flash light on your person at all times.

There will be additional information on particular rules when playing around the buildings at b3, likely in the game day safety briefs. NO SMOKE in buildings.

If you are caught shooting in the air at one of the drones, you will be asked to leave.

Regardless of the temperature, it is important to properly hydrate before and during a game day. Any player showing the signs of dehydration etc will be asked to sit out.

Sportsmanship is expected! Please call YOUR OWN hits!  DO NOT BOTHER TO CALL ANOTHER PLAYERS HITS – MIND YOUR OWN HITS! If you have an issue, bring it to your Squad Leader or an admin!

Melee Weapons:
Rubber knives may be used as melee weapons. Anything more than a touch from such a weapon will get you removed from the field. That means no slashing throats, thrusting stabs or tackling folks..

Ballistic Helmets or Plates:
If you are playing with a real ballistic helmet or plates in your rig, check in with admin to verify and receive additional instructions for play. Players with [real] ballistic armor can ignore one hit.

Ballistic Shields:
Unless specifically authorized at check-in, Ballistic Shields are not allowed. Similarly, players are not allowed to move debris on the field as mobile cover.

If Leviathan Tactical sells it, it's a go... Grenades thrown outside buildings must have something like baby powder/bbs/etc to actually hit players, otherwise they have no in-game effect. Grenades thrown into doors or windows kill everyone inside the ROOM the grenade are in when they they off, regardless of whether or not the grenade had any baby powder/bbs/etc. Players will not throw rocks or anything else from the field. No grenades like Thunder Bs will be filled with anything other than baby powder or bbs.

Observers and camera operators are required to wear eye protection on the field (face pro for under 18)

Class 3a and lower only

There is no climbing allowed on the buildings, admin perch/crow's nest or trees allowed.

Check-in and Safety Area:
All players will check in and affirm that they have read the rules listed here. There is absolutely no Live Firing of bbs or grenades in the safety area. You will not point a weapon at anyone unless you are on the field and in play. Safety rule violators will face consequences.

Chrono Tags:
All players will be required to fire their weapons through a Chrono and weapons will be tagged at check-in. This designates their weapon as a certain type (more on this later).

AEG's will chronograph using .20G BBs and they will be supplied for chrono purposes. Players may use any weight BBs during the game. Polar Stars will receive additional instructions at check-in.

Rifleman: M4, AK47, Mp5, SMG, etc:
This role may ONLY operate in SEMI-AUTO Mode. 400 FPS max with .2s. No minimum engagement distance.

DMR: (Note: Carbines do not qualify as DMR role)
This role may ONLY operate in SEMI-AUTO Mode. 450FPS max with .2s. Minimum engagement distance of 60ft. Until stated otherwise by admins, use of this weapon type within the confines of the village is prohibited.

Sniper Rifles: Bolt or otherwise (PSG-1, SASR)
This role may ONLY operate in SEMI-AUTO Mode. 550FPS max with .2s. Minimum engagement distance of 100ft. Until stated otherwise by admins, use of this weapon type within the confines of the village is prohibited.

LMGs: Machine Guns (Krytac LMG qualifies)
This role may operate in FULL AUTO but may not exceed 30bbs per second. 450FPS max with .2s. Minimum engagement distance of 60ft. Until stated otherwise by admins, use of this weapon type within the confines of the village is prohibited.

SMGs: 328FPS max with .2s, FULL AUTO but may not exceed 30bbs per second, no drum mags.

These weapons fall under the Rifleman role regarding rules.

Other Weapons: GL, Rockets, M203, Mortars, etc
These individuals will receive additional instructions from the admins during check-in.

Blind Man:
If a player loses their eye protection during a fire fight OR you spot someone without eye protection in a play area, a “blind man” call is made. All players in the immediate vicinity will echo "blind man" and play is halted. The player needs to cover their face with their hands and keep their head down until eye protection can be provided for them or the situation is resolved. At that point, players in the area can call "game on." Do not be the one running to cover or otherwise taking advantage of a situation during a pause in game play because that is cheating.

If a player is in serious need of medical care, all players on the field will echo the call "REAL WORLD" and play will stop while the admins resolve the situation. Ants on your foot or thorns do not warrant calling REAL WORLD unless you are seriously allergic or bleeding out, for example....

Once again, keep in mind that this is a living ruleset that will evolve and be modified over time so be sure to update yourself on it before each game day.
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