What if I am a New Player!

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What if I am a New Player!

Post by Howie on 27th March 2010, 8:21 pm

Okay Guys
What if I am a new Player to airsoft what do I need to start off ?

The first thing is acourse Automatic Electric Rifle (AEG) , A pair of approve Sealed Eye Pro/Goggles with All lenses being rated at ANSI Z87.1-2003 (also known as Z87.1+).

Follow by what Field your going to a wavier, pretty much saying you will not Sue if you get hurt. And whatever the field fee will cost meaning Free/10/15 dollarsfor the day, most field in the area charges 10 dollars to play which goes to the land owner.

 Once you get into Airsoft and like past the first couple times then the Vets will be more then happy to help you with what gear you would need to make an airsoft Loadout, which at the same time being comfortable for you.

 Hopes this helps you out in the near future, We will be seeing you on the field.


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