The Unit as seen on T.V.

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The Unit as seen on T.V.

Post by Howie on 1st June 2011, 11:06 pm

The Unit at the Outpost, For those of you that has watch the Unit, They are Elite Five man team that does various Secret Missions. So get your Five man team ready, you will face against Opposition Force along with Hostages, Items to be pick up and intel to gather.

To give you a sample of how it may play out, The Unit has 5-10 Defenders, 5 Civilivans, along with crates to retrieve, the admin will give the UNIT an starting point they will make it to the Outpost, only the UNIT will know which way they are coming, The Defenders will not know what your coming into the Outpost for, It may be to Free the Outpost, save the Civilivans, destroy the crates, but don't worry it shall be fun, you'll never know what is going to be thrown at your fearless team. So everybody will get an chance too be involved with this

Now to keep this game fair to everybody, Each Team Leader will pick one card that will have one of five missions, that are face down so that they can not see the Mission at hand. In turn the Admin will set up the game, as per card instructions.

there will be no Respawns for either side, Get Hit your Out and your team must continue with out you. Be careful , There is an 25 minute time limit so everybody gets an chance. Very Happy

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