Birth of Causalty Collection Area

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Birth of Causalty Collection Area

Post by Howie on 19th September 2012, 8:08 pm

As we all seen BlackHawk Down, and the U.S. Rangers use an Causalty Collection area for the wounded. So the Birth of the Causalty Collection Point has came to be at Wilcox Field near you. When you see A Causalty Control Area in a Operation or scenario, we are talking about your respawn point. It will serve us in many ways, During the summer when the sun is beating down on you, it will assist you in going back and respawning along with getting some water in you. Also during the Operation games it will serve you a place where you can reload your magazines.
So a question will arise how about campers who likes to set on respawn ? It will be taken care of with the new distance from building to building and a more open up field so it will be more challenge for attackers and defenders to camp out on respawns points.

This will be a test to see how it works for summer time use in the next operational game. Very Happy
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