Blind Firing, Hit Rule, and Not Calling Hits

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Blind Firing, Hit Rule, and Not Calling Hits

Post by Howie on 9th July 2011, 7:49 pm

Blind Firing Rule
Players must be able to see where the muzzle of their airsoft replica is pointed when firing. Holding a weapon above a barricade or around a corner without being able to see the intended target is blind firing, and is extremely dangerous. This is prohibited in all cases and brought to the attention of the Admin if it occurs

When any part of the player's body or personal gear, (tac vest, helmet, boots, etc.) takes a direct hit from a BB they are considered hit. BB's that penetrate through concealment such as, tall grass or bushes are considered hits. Friendly fire also counts as a hit. If you are unsure call hit.

bounce Last few game days we are starting to see more Blind firing, This is not Permitted, and you will be ejected from the game!

The Hit Rule
BBs that hit the players weapon DO NOT count as a hit.
After players are hit they should yell HIT very loudly, and raising a hand or weapon in the air to indicate clearly to the opposing force that you are indeed hit. Then remove your dead rag and wave in the air and or place your dead rag on your head and withdraw when possible. If you can not withdraw attempt to clear the line of fire as much as possible. If a player calls hit cease firing at that player when possible. Players should never use hit (Dead) teammates as cover, nor should they take opposing player’s hostage for use as cover.

Cheating (not calling Hits)
Cheating is not Tolerated.
If a player feels that they have hit an opposing player and the hit wasn’t called. Under no circumstances should they call the hit for the opposing player. Screaming or yelling at the opposing player (Example: Hey I saw the BB‘s hit you.) and/or threatening them is not acceptable. There are many justifiable reasons as to why the hit wasn’t called. Perhaps they didn’t feel the hit through their gear, the BB‘s may be falling short or are being blown off course by wind, and you can’t see that from your vantage point. We recommend that all players give the benefit of the doubt. in these situations. BB‘s don’t cost very much so keep shooting them.
If players feel that someone is not calling obvious hits on a repeated basis. They should approach Admin after the game or during a break, and bring the issue up with them in a professional manner. Allow them to handle the situation

bounce Between the Hit rule and not calling hits is Major problem , A few players are not calling their hits/ also know as Not Calling Hits, Remember players if your not going to call your hits, the other player will continue to shoot you until you call Hit, which may result in a serious Injury to you. So do not come up to a Admin and say somebody is shooting to hot, and then when we get the full story and find out that the player shoot you three times and then decide to continue shooting you until you call hit, this foolish and unsafe to you and the sport of airsoft.
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