Indoor CQC - Panama City, FL

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Indoor CQC - Panama City, FL

Post by MackPerformance on 26th November 2012, 11:57 pm

]Just wanted to let everyone know who is interested in CQC (Close Quarters Combat) there is one in Panama City. Panhandle Airsoft has access to a building owned by LTS Tactical (they sell Mil/LE gear, as well as offer training).

It is a two story, 15 rooms building that they will be holding live-fire home defense and CQC training in once they have satisfied all the requirements from local government and OSHA. Their ETA for this is middle of next year, so they have allowed us to come in and mix it up in their building while it’s on hold. We have made a nice partnership so we expect to have this place available to us even once they open.

Now this is where I say it’s a true CQC arena, and not some lame CQB box most expect. This is hard core force on force and is difficult for some to adjust. It is not for the faint of heart, slow footed, and those that don’t want to get shot up close. Most have never experienced true Close Quarters action and it is difficult for all at first. Love it or hate it you have to respect what organizations such as SEAL team 6, DELTA, and Major SWAT teams do for a living.

The FPS limits for the building are 350fps, and full face masks are required. I can’t remember that age cut off at the moment, but there was one when we were first allowed inside. Even at 350 it can be hard on the body so vests and long sleeves are recommended. The building is powered and has a great AC, a nice lounge area (training room), and armory. Like I said at the moment we have the run of the place and are enjoying it and as the time nears for them to open we will be seeing improvements to the building and layout.

Right now the upstairs is off limits (per insurance company) but will be opened first of the year. There is talk of adding a second set of stairs, but for now its more than enough to run a ton of games and wear your self out. Anyway, I have been meaning to pass the word along but never seem to get it done! If any are interested in this type of play we hope to see you there!!!

For more information and game dates check out the Panhandle Airsoft Facebook.

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